hollowed out the sculpture but couldn't fit anything else inside.

melt the couch's structure 'til it's bowed and the cats keep their distance.

power's been going out weekly every tuesday, the bad 1:30.

the exorcism consult keeps accepting deposits then canceling.

using post-its for coasters. let the reminders smear and wither.

she was lost for a real long time.

all the careless diners mean no goodbyes.

an omnipresent chainsaw.

heater's coughing shrapnel so you turn it off although the pavement's iced.

you feel you've always been here. mom's blanket helps but it's scratchy.

you're sure you'd give almost anything to make your brain let you live presently.

you've felt lost for a real long time —

a little out of all your own edges —

but it might've been worse last night than it is tonight.

not a lot of comfort:

it was time, it was time.

a foreign type of gravity;

you might be catching yourself.

an end to all the passing.

it was time, it's been time.

a different kind of leveling:

you're feeling you're normaling out